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Nestled in the heart of the snowy mountains, Turnak Lodge is the perfect home to rest after a long day bushwalking, mountain biking or fishing.

The lodge sleeps up to 18 people in private family rooms with ensuites and breathtaking views of the Guthega dam.

The premises have been recently renovated, and feature an innovatively designed kitchen, beautifully finished and fitted with modern appliances.

Keeping this theme, Turnak Lodge has been improved dramatically since then, most recently to include:-

  • A practical and innovatively designed kitchen, beautifully finished and fitted with modern appliances.
  • New ensuite bedrooms that take in the breathtaking views.

Summer bookings are now open to the public on a ‘whole of lodge’ booking basis.

Winter season bookings for members can be registered from 1st February each year.

Winter Season

All winter bookings can be registered from 1st – 21st February and will be allocated as per the following priority order (with the exception of school holidays*):

  • Full and Concessional Members’ bookings for either 5 or 7 nights, providing the 5 and 7 night bookings commence on Sunday 1pm and the 2 night bookings commence on Friday 1pm.
  • Guests joining Members bookings for either 5, 7 or 2 nights (as above).
  • Associate Members and their guests’ bookings for either 5, 7 or 2 nights (as above).

*SCHOOL HOLIDAYS: Bookings are for 5 night periods only and will be allocated to those with school age children first following the above listed priority order.

  • This peak period will be divided into three (3) booking periods of five (5) nights each:
    • Group ONE – IN Sat 6 July OUT Thurs 11 July 2024
    • Group TWO – IN Thurs 11 July OUT Tues 16 July 2024
    • Group THREE – IN Tues 16 July OUT Sun 21 July 2024
1 Bookings cannot be made unless Member’s levies (including arrears) have been paid.
2 Accommodation fees are to be paid by the MEMBER, in full, for all members and guests.  A booking is not confirmed until the Booking Officer has received the full accommodation fees and a booking form.
3 Bookings must be made PRIOR to arriving at Guthega and must be confirmed with the Booking Officer before the actual stay.
4 Winter accommodation rates per night are as follows for 2024:-
apply from 8 June 2024 to 7 October 2024 (inclusive)
Members Member’s Guest   Members Member’s Guest
   Adults (18+) $55.00 $198.00 $27.50 $99.00
   Children (0-4 years old) Nil Nil Nil Nil
   Children (5-12 years old) $27.50 $99.00 $13.75 $49.50
   Children (13-17 years old) $41.25 $148.50 $20.63 $74.25
5 Winter rates apply from Kings’s Birthday Long Weekend in June until Labour Day Long Weekend in October (inclusive).
6 Summer rates are half of the Winter rate (as per above table).  Alternatively you can opt to book the “WHOLE LODGE” where Turnak can be booked out by a Member exclusively.  This summer rate is $500 per night for a maximum booking period of one week.  Numbers must remain within our lease requirements of a maximum of 18 people.
7 Members rates apply to the following;
a) Full and Concessional Members, and their children under the age of 18 years. Children reaching 18 years of age may apply for relevant membership or must revert to non-member status.
b) Full and Concessional members spouse or partner.
c) Nominated Friend of  Full and Concessional members with a marital status of single. These members may nominate a friend in substitute for the member’s spouse or partner. This nomination will stand for a period of 12 months and cannot be changed within that time. A member’s child of 18 years or over cannot be the person nominated.
d) Senior Members and their spouse or partner (Summer season only).
e) Associate Members
f) Changes to the status of a Full or Concessional members’ spouse, partner or friend should be made by notification to the Club when renewing their membership in February of each year.
8   All bookings begin and end at 1:00PM (check-in/ check-out time) on the Day of Arrival and Day of   Departure.  Members and/or their guests should not be at Turnak at ANY OTHER TIME unless arranged prior with the Booking Officer.



Summer Season

The summer season starts after the long weekend in October and finishes by the Queens Birthday long weekend in June.

  Members Member’s Guest
Adults 18+ $27.50 $99.00
Children 0-4 years old Nil Nil
Children 5-12 years old $13.75 $49.50
Children 13-17 years old $20.63 $74.25


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