Enjoy fantastic fishing in the snowy mountains

The Guthega Pondage, which can be seen from Turnak Lodge, is the perfect place to catch some fish, especially if you enjoy fly fishing. The pondage holds so many brown and rainbow trout that if you sit quietly, you may see some swim close to the surface.

More experienced fly fishers will find the alpine streams worth a try – they offer a pristine, picturesque setting for dry fly fishing, especially in November when the alpine wildflowers are in full bloom. It takes a bit of a knack to find the right spot, and the ground surrounding the streams is often boggy, so bring some good wading boots.

Further down the mountain, Island Bend Pondage is a well-known fly fishing spot, but is dependent on water flows from the melting ice further up the mountains.

The very best spot for fly fishing is the stream connecting Guthega and Island Bend Pondage, which serves as a watery path for trout to travel up and down the mountain.